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  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed by a particular situation?

  • Have your sleep patterns have been disturbed for a longer period of time (try to state how long)?

  • Have you noticed changes in appetite due to being exposed to too much pressure in your life?

  • Have you increased your consumption of sugar, caffeine, alcohol or other substances to help you cope with stress?

Perhaps you are feeling stressed, nervous or overwhelmed by some of the situations or problems you have been exposed recently. The racing thoughts or the emotional pressure you are experiencing might make it difficult for you to sleep. You fear that things will never get better or it’s hard for you to see a way out of the current stressful situation.

Many people have these common experiences related to stress or other factors. Our bodies have a stress response mechanism that can provide us the needed energy to deal with stress for certain periods of time. Nevertheless, when the body is exposed for extended periods of stress, without getting the proper support and relief or without using effective coping mechanisms, it can create problems. These problems could range from physiological, emotional or even health related issues.

At Anxiety Solutions, we understand that it is not always easy to avoid stressful situations. However, our professional counsellors can help you acquire and develop the needed skills to not only better cope with stress but also how to see the benefits of stress!

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