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Preparation for Couples Counselling

  • Are you in a relationship and one of you is uncertain about how your relationship would look like in the near future?

  • Do you feel that you need more clarity on whether the relationship problems you are facing are solvable or not?

  • Are you considering separating or divorcing and you are not sure if this is the right decision for you?

Preparation for Couples Counselling

If any of the above questions seem true to you or you feel that your partner or spouse has a different agenda than you or has a different view on how your relationship should evolve, a few sessions of preparation for couple counseling would be very beneficial, prior to committing to couple counseling or marriage counseling.

During the preparation for couple counseling sessions, our compassionate and trained counselors will create the safe space for each of you to clarify your ideas and feelings about your current relationship or about your marriage and will help. Moreover the Anxiety Solutions counselors will help each of you identify the main causes of conflict and what areas of personal work each of the partners would need to focus on, so the relationship can improve.

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