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Grief and Bereavement

  • Does life feel overwhelming, after losing someone you loved?

  • Do you feel like crying, however some parts of you are stopping you for various reasons?

  • Are the feelings you are experiencing difficult to cope with or even to comprehend?

  • Do you need someone to talk to and express the story you have been experiencing?

There is no right way or a right time for grieving. However, if you feel that would be helpful for you to talk to someone or to share your feelings, whatever these feelings may be, we are here, to help. Our compassionate and skilled professionals will not only listen deeply but will also strive to provide you with an oasis of comfort, guidance if necessary, and hope during these difficult times.

At Anxiety Solutions, we also understand that the process of grieving is not only painful, but can be very confusing at times, as many emotions, even contradictory ones, can be felt at the same time.

Often people who are in the process of grieving describe feelings of anger, along with experiencing other intense feelings of profound sadness, sometimes regrets, maybe feelings of punishment, isolation or loneliness.

It is OK to allow tears to express the pain you are feeling during these difficult times. Having someone you can trust to share your thoughts and feelings can be very useful in helping you navigate the process of grieving and healing.

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