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Family Counselling

  • Do you feel that your family dynamics or balance is off?

  • Are you in a blended family relationship and have experienced differences in lifestyle, parenting or communication styles, which are creating problems?

  • Are you worried that about your relationship with your child or teenager?

  • Do you have the feeling that you no longer understand your teenager or youth?

Family Counselling can help with any of the above-mentioned problems.

All families can encounter difficulties at one time or another. Family counselling or family therapy will provide each family member the needed support to talk and to be listened to. Our family counsellors will help you navigated and manage the differences in neutral and non-partisan way.

During the Family Counselling sessions our counsellors will provide a safe place for each family member to express their feelings and perspectives on the current situation. In an unbiased way, will explore together different alternatives for overcoming your current situation or crisis.

Ready to get started?

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