Due to COVID-19, we are currently offering psychotherapy sessions through the safety and convenience of online video Teletherapy. To make an appointment, click here.


Teletherapy or Online Counselling Services

We are offering our clients the convenient option of attending online counselling or teletherapy via a secure clinical platform, which adheres to the current professional practice standards. This option allows you to receive counselling services from your home or any other private place that is convenient for you.

Anxiety Solutions has been offering the option of teletherapy and online counselling services for many years. Research has shown that online therapy or counselling services are as effective or in some cases even more effective than in person counselling, as many clients report feeling more comfortable talking with their counsellor from their own homes or other convenient locations.

Our online counselling services are taking place via secure online platforms or by phone and are complying with the professional practice standards.

Advantages of online counselling include:

  • Convenience
  • Comfort
  • Effectiveness
  • Good option for people living in remote areas
  • An option for people with busy and conflicting schedules

Ready to get started?

If you are ready to start addressing any personal or relationship problems via online counselling, call (647) 973-1415 or email us info@anxietysolutions.ca. Anxiety Solutions offers a free phone consultation and quick first appointments.